Turning Point Ministries
Reverend Alexander Joseph - Chief Executive Officer
Welcome to Turning Point Ministries (TPM)  
As a non-profit 501 (c) 3 faith-base organization, we hold the firm belief that
there is a better way for our lives to impact the many who are suffering from
drug addiction.  Although the individuals come from all walks of life and
different cultures, we firmly believe that God can and does provide healing
and wholeness to all those who are experiencing the destructive power of
drug addiction.

Turning Point Ministries provides counselors who are competent, loving
hopelessness to hope, from chaos to order, from despair to unspeakable joy
Reverend Alexander &
Mrs. Terry Joseph
For more information contact us at:
Turning Point Ministries, Inc. - 38 Grandview Terrace, Hartford, Ct 06114 - Office  (860) 246-6567 - Fax: (860) 247-0880
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